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rules darts

Basic Rules: In a game of the object is for one player or a team to be the first to reach zero from starting total of In simple terms, after three darts are. Official Darts Rules As Controlled By The Two Main Darts World Governing Bodies. A typical dart board will have an outer ring called a double ring, a triples ring, an outer bull and an inner bull. Players start by taking turns to aim at their allocated number, scoring a life for each dart that hits it, 2 lives for a double and 3 lives for a treble. The dartboard featured on the "Indoor League" television show of the s did not feature a triple section, and according to host Fred Trueman during the first episode, this is the traditional Yorkshire board. Killer This is the most popular game for large groups and is good swift fun. If the scorer hits the flash reader download number with a double-bullseye, this is called a ZARTRON! Quality dartboards are made of sisal fibres ; less expensive boards are rules darts made of cork or coiled paper. Most professional matches are " up". The holes slant out, allowing the plastic-tipped darts to stick inside.

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Rules darts The DRA is also responsible for upholding the discipline within the PDC and also for the Anti Doping Programme which are run in conjunction with UK Sports. The game should end when both players have played two mein neuer freund dvd each at which point the player with the highest score has won the match. Sky Bet - NOW McCOYS Premier LeagueBodog World Grand PrixStan James World MatchplayBlue Square - NOW SPEEDY SERVICES - Equipment Hire UK Open and Ladbrokes World Championship are all title sponsors of major PDC events. The WDF World Cup for national teams and a singles tournament has been played biennially since The objective is to be the first player to reduce the score to exactly zero, the only caveat being that the last dart thrown must land in a double or the bullseye.

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Boards of lesser quality often have the numbers printed directly on the board. The development of all rules within the PDC is the responsibility of the DRA. Objective is to have the lowest score at the end of the game. The Sky Poker World Grand Prix uses the 'double in, double out' rule. In Europe, Eurosport broadcast the Lakeside World Championships, having signed a three-year contract in The BDO is a member of the World Darts Federation WDF founded , along with organizations in some 60 other countries worldwide.

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